Tuesday, May 26, 2020

A bit of this and that...

I took this day before yesterday I believe...it had rained a bit so the wetness is natural, not created.   I just simply love this color...but then I like all clematis colors that I have seen.  It is a wonder this one survived.  A groundhog tried to dig in behind it and had a mess.  This was back when I was still hobbling around after I broke my leg.  But survive it did and I am blessed by that.


I just have to share a couple more pics from the strip pits...I post several of these clouds over on my other blog a day or two ago.  I just never tire of them.  I have  been a cloud watcher as long as I remember.

We saw this female turkey...it is the first time we have seen a turkey out there.  We have seen them not far away from the area in both directions but I was so happy to actually see one   there.

I called to get a haircut and could not get in till June 10th...there was one opening before then, but something else was happening that day and I could not go.  She said I was to come and stay in the car, and she would come and get me after she sanitized after the person before me.  And I am to wear a mask.    I have cut on my bangs twice, but I am about ready to start on the rest of it!  My hair feels like I have a wig laying up there.  Yes, I have that much hair.   And it is straight as can be.

I am taking our vehicle for an oil change and to get the tires rotated and balanced tomorrow...so I vacuumed it out an wiped down the inside.  Plus did a half job on the windows.  I could not see good enough to tell how good I was doing.  But surely They are better than they were.

And I followed that up with weeding a flower bed.  But I need to do more.  Hopefully can get more done before the week is out.

I had breakfast for supper...and have cleaned up the kitchen.

But I have not touched my fabric nor sewing machine this day...not even in passing.

It poured the rain soon as I was done for the day, and for a while the sun was shining through all the heavy rain.  It rained a good half hour, eventually was dark all over, and now I can see blue sky through the windows!

I hope everyone is having a good week.