Sunday, November 24, 2019

Mixed bits....

I don't even know where to much I want to share but it is all odds and ends of things.  But I am going to proceed or I will end up forgetting something.

I came across the above over at By Stargoose and Hanglands.  I found it so wonderful I had to share.  I will never think of harp music the same way again...and I had never heard of a kora.  It is a West African instrument.


I came across the above quite by accident.  Talk about a horse loving to do what it does.   Not to mention a great rider!  The bridle comes off, but the horse and rider continue on as if he has all the control in the world, when in reality the horse could have done anything she wanted.  He was disqualified because he put two hands on the reins to pull the bridle up where she could not step on and trip herself or whatever.  But it was her last ride doing this and he wanted to let her finish it the ride.

I picked this up at the bookstore fact, I paid for it twice.  I thought the total high, but most times I say something and I am wrong...and about half the time it is me thinking that it isn't enough and they have missed scanning something.  I have started trying to hold my tongue.  But I got out to the car and checked the receipt and there it was charged twice.  I took the receipt back in and they refunded the money.

Anyway, it is the first quilt book/magazine I have bought in years.   Anyway, no one I know likes the modern quilts.

Things such as the above....I just love the color and no holds barred approach.  A lot of modern quilts use big blank spaces to let the eye rest such as seen in this quilt.  And it gives room to do some fancy quilting if you want.  But I am not going to go on and on...Modern quilting means different stuff to different people.  I just wanted to show the book.
We came home from the book store and the New Orleans Saints game was on the TV...I got out daughter's Lotus quilt and set to work on the binding.  I worked on the binding for the rest of the game and for at least an hour or two after the game..  I did one whole side.  So I am half way done.  If I could just work every night that way, it would be done by Thanksgiving.

I have sat here for half an hour.  I know I am forgetting something.  But maybe it will come back to me and I can use it in another blog post.

In case I don't post again, I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving.