Friday, January 1, 2016

A bit of randomness...

1.  This is a  place we pass when we go to is maybe twice as long as it is wide.  Not very big in other words.  This vehicle is almost always there.

I always wonder if they live there all the time, or if it is just a place they go to get away from their everyday stresses. 

2.  I have sewed a few lines today...and had to unsew a few stitches, too.  LOL  I always make some of the dumbest mistakes....usually when I break some of my own personal rules.  LOL

3.  Guess what?  Netflix now has the last season of Foyle's War.   We watched the first episode tonight.  This series is one of our favorite PBS series.

4.  Still no sunshine...I still keep hoping I will wake up to a sunny day.

5.  Happy New Year!