Saturday, January 17, 2015

Just thinking--and Thankful

I cannot stand to post without including a picture...I have had this photo in the draft forever.  Well at least since last fall.

First of all, Roger got up feeling some better yesterday.  We did go ahead and go to the doctor.  Actually a nurse practitioner.  She could not put her finger on what is wrong, but is going to have his gall bladder checked and one or two other things done just to make sure nothing else is wrong.  And she had blood taken to check his liver functions plus more.

Today he has felt even better...he went to Walmart with me for a few minutes.  Has only lain down for just a few  minutes.  So, I am feeling thankful right now.
Has anyone tried hitting 'Next Blog" lately.  I did today just for fun in odd moments and at least 90% of the time it pulled up  old blogs that had not had new posts in over a year or more.  I wonder if this is happening all the time or was it just today.

It also makes me wonder will blogging finally be a thing of the past?  I don't think I will ever prefer Facebook over blogging, but I am thinking that is what is happening.