Thursday, October 22, 2015

Now on display....

We were out and about yesterday and I thought to take my little camera...the above tree has been begging to have it picture taken for days.
 Below is another shot of it...from a different viewpoint.
It is just glorious.  Later, I am going to post another photo of it over on Time Stand won't look like the same tree, but I suppose it is the position of the sun in relation to it.
Here is one that is just starting...still, it is beautiful.  These were taken yesterday.  I am loving the display of fall colors.
Now for today...not trees.
Eagles.  Not good pics either...but exciting nevertheless.  This evening, Sarah, Tootie, Roger and I were headed to the front porch to sit in the shade  little while.  Sarah says, "Is that an eagle?"  It was.  "Is that another eagle?"  I say, I do believe it is.
I so wish we had went out just five minutes earlier...the minute we saw them, they were starting to head out....I suppose to go back over by the river.  I ran in to get my camera.  Even thought it took less than a minute, they were getting farther and farther away.  Still, so thrilled to see them.  We have not seen any from our yard in way too long...