Tuesday, November 1, 2016

From today....

Another venture...actually we took a long, slow rambling drive.  We both wanted to get out and see some of the autumn color.   We have been seeing color of course, but always on the way to somewhere else.  Today was dedicated to the enjoyment of the color.  True,  lot of trees are bare, but there is still a lot of beauty to be found.
This is where the above picture was taken....Mansfield, Indiana.
Back to Roger...I am amazed that he is now capable of this.  At first we had to watch everything we did.  His blood pressure was all over the place, and when it would drop down real low he would be dizzy and come close to falling.  I avoided getting out at times like that.  I was always on edge...afraid to let him out of my sight, and that was not only because of the blood pressure...I was worried he would fall, or run into something. 

To be truthful I was not real comfortable with him fishing here....so we only stayed a few minutes.  We were both weary and hungry anyway.