Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Daughter's finish...

My daughter has a friend who is expecting in November.  The baby shower is this weekend.  She had bought the paper pieced pattern for the fox earlier, expecting to have a bit more time.  She practiced making the fox and designed the rest of the quilt.  

The photos do not do the colors justice...it is in grays, but the light plaid has a real light gray in it that gives the quilt a blue feel.  The baby is to be a boy, and part of his name will be Greyson, and they will call him Grey...so we have gray fox instead of a red fox.

The above two photos were before it was washed...and the one below is after I washed and dried it today.  

I helped her do some of the sewing a couple days, then she came and we pin basted it and she quilted it Sunday.  I did the binding Monday and yesterday.  So it is wrapped and ready to give.


We went to the kids last week for a couple days and nights.  I have no pic to show, but there was a big maple tree beside of the road and the east side of the tree was  a beautiful red orange, or maybe it was orange red.  Just call it gorgeous!  I would so have loved a picture.

My lower back has been giving me trouble.  I called and got in to the chiropractor yesterday.  And have to go back tomorrow.  I could almost kick myself.  If I had went when it first started, it would be done and over, and probably only one trip.  


Are you having cooler, less humid weather where you are?  It has been so nice the past couple of days.  I even got a little cool sitting in the shade on the porch with a breeze blowing.   

I hope you all are staying sane and safe....I am not too sure about us.  Well, we are safe, not sure about the same part.

I want to leave you with a smile...it only takes a couple minutes....