Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This and that....

I love this picture...I love both versions, though I think in this instance I like the color version the best because you can almost feel the air just by the colors.

I have tried forever to capture the major power lines and how they seem to go on forever. I usually try it with ones bigger than these...but you still get the feel, however so slight. If I could get them the way I wanted them, the photo would be called Silent Sentinels but until then I will just call them power lines. (All these really need to be enlarged...it never fails to amaze me how enlarging pictures improves them.)

Of course these are from the strip pits...which leads me to ask if you have ever noticed the search box at the top of the page on our blogs...at least those on Blogger. I don't even want to admit how long it was before I noticed it or actually used it. You can type in what you are looking for in a blog, and if it is mentioned in that blog, it will bring up the entries that mention it.

Anyway, I am almost ashamed to suggest this, but try searching for strip pits on my blog and see how many times I have used that term just in the short time since I restarted this blog.

Changing subjects again, there are a lot of us that love to watch the birds...and I wanted to mention the Xcel Energy Bird Cams....for several years now, I have watched eagles, owls, kestrels, osprey, and falcons raise their young. So just click on that link if you are at all interested...I think you will enjoy it.

Well, we finally decided to put in a water softener...for some reason I have been sort of resistant to it. But we really needed one, so we got one last week and Roger got things ready, and put it in yesterday and today. Of course it isn't near as big as the one below...where he worked before had three of the one below plus had a big salt brine tank on the outside of the building. If I remember correctly they could crawl inside these things to work on them. Can you imagine that? I will ask him in the morn and post whether I am correct or not in the comment section.
Anyway, along with the water softener, we are also going to put in a new dishwasher. My old one has not been usable for ages. So I have spent hours and hours researching which one to get. Trying to read all the reviews I could find, and also checking consumer reports. It will come in on Friday...and Roger will put it in.

Maybe with that decision made, I will get back to regular routine for a couple of days at least. I am also in the mood to sew and would like to start a couple different projects. So wish me luck...