Saturday, September 6, 2008

From last weekend....

Last weekend my daughter and I headed out to hit a couple antique/used furniture places. The first thing we seen a baby bed at a yard sale here in town. Being that I will become a grandma next year, I have wanted to get things to have here for the baby...and a baby bed is among the things wanted. Rachel spotted it, and told me to go around the block. It was a solid wood, very well made...still sturdy after going through 4 babies...and they only wanted $30 for it and also the mattress. I had been thinking depending on where/what I found that I might end up buying a new mattress. I don't think I will have to now..this was a local couple that don't live that far from me....heck, if you live in Clinton, you are not far from each other even if you live at the opposite ends of the town.

I came home and got the truck to go back and get it...and even though it was just a babybed the mom insisted that her husband and buddy load it, which we appreciated. We came home and unloaded it, and Rachel asked if I was sure that I didn't want to take the truck....I didn't. So we got back in my Rav4 and headed to the nearby town of Rockville, where we went to antique/used furniture places. We didn't see a thing there that we really wanted.

When she got her divorce, she had a big black lab that she had to find a home for. And by big, I do mean bigger than the average lab--he was her dog, about a year old at the time. He could not come here because he would have just been to rough for our old dog. So a friend of her sister's took him. We didn't really know where the guy lived, but in one of my drives to go see my sister, I seen this dog and I just knew it was him. You just don't see labs like him every on the way home I was able to see the name of the mailbox and it was the name of the people who got him.

My daughter wanted me to take her on to show her where he lived, and since we were already half way there I did. And being that we were that far north, I thought I might as well go on and visit one of the covered bridges. But there were so many canoes there that I didn't want to stop. We thought we might as well continue on the backroad and see where it led...

Out in the middle of nowhere we seen a sign for antiques and used furniture...down this dusty gravel lane was a big barn...not the one picture but it was that color red. And the barn pictured was the actual barn of this place.

Inside was used furniture and antiques, and some junk. It was owned by the, etc. was on the ground floor and upstairs was more furniture and books. We only bought one thing, but if I had had the truck there was a china cabinet that I would have been very tempted to get. and Rachel seen a an old dining table, maybe not quite an antique, but still well used. But it is more than she really needs right now, but I don't think she will soon forget it. It just had that well worn, well loved look and feel to it. And had enough extensions to make a huge table.

But back to the barn. It was built till the level we pulled up to was ground level for us, but it was built into a hill side and had a level below us that the people lived in. She had all kinds of hummingbird feeders and all kinds of humming birds were buzzing around. I would never have known any of this if I hadn't happened to glance out a window and seen it.

Anyway, the images above are from that place...I ask if she minded if I took pictures around and she said no. I wanted a picture of the antique place itself but her little children came outside to watch me...and I know they are not supposed to like their pictures taken so I just felt I shouldn't.

Edited to add: I do not know why the pictures are cropped in the collage...I did it with Picasa and have never had this happen before. It still gives a feel for the place though.
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