Thursday, March 24, 2011

Flapping in the wind...

All the Amish homes I passed the other day had their clothes I suppose Monday is their wash day. I wonder how it would be to have such simple things like what day you do your wash decided for you..and does anyone ever wash on another day. Or is it that they just happened to wash on the same day. I have read though where the day is set by the particular order one belongs to...
I plan to have some clothes flapping in the wind in a is cloudy and cold, but I don't think we are going to get any rain or light rain and snow mix as was predicted! This is kind of hard to take after having several days of shirt-sleeve weather. But as long as warm days are just around the corner, I will deal with it. The house was 64ยบ this morn, so had to kick the heat back on.

We haven't had breakfast yet...just coffee. Much of the time we are not hungry when we first get up and will fool around an hour or two before we even think about eating; looks like today it is going to be even longer.

ETA: Just hung up my clothes and there were just few little snowflakes. Just saying...saying I am ready for winter to be done!