Wednesday, September 9, 2020


 This is going to be a mixed up beware.

First a sunset from the other night at the strip pits.  I don't really like the sun being almost dead center, but I wanted the clouds as they are in this shot, so that is how it is.  Other than the sunset, not much was happening out there.  

Older daughter and I went to a quilt shop on Saturday.  We immediately saw fabrics that Lorelei's mom would love as pillow cases....

The above two pillowcases are the result of that trip.  I was finishing the bottom one at 2:00 a.m. this morn.  

How about a tattered Tiger Swallowtail?  It is the only one I have photographed this year.  

And here we have my new hibiscus...just planted in early summer.  It has been well worth the money, even if it does not survive the winter.  
I had a sort of bad week last week...I had to go to the dentist, and the ordeal is too long to tell here.  But believe me it was an ordeal, and not over yet.  That was Tuesday of last week, and yesterday just started to feel half normal.

That is about all the time I have...had more to say but this is enough.  I have to get busy...hope you all are having a nice week....