Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Scenes from the wonderland...

The scenes I am about to show you no longer exist...all the snow is off the feeders.  Hardly any snow clings to the trees.  I guess that is the one thing about snow this time of year....it generally does not last too long.
Roger did knock the snow off the big feeder when he filled it....but the other is all gone, too.  And it was really clinging to them yesterday.  I tried to knock it off and it just would not slide off.
This old, old chair is always left sitting outside.  I generally keep it right by the clothesline to sit my basket of clothes in.  I am thankful I don't HAVE to hang out clothes in this type of weather.
We did go for a drive yesterday...I had missed being out any in the other snows we have had and just could not resist the temptation.  Did not see any animals at the strip pits...and not many humans on the road.  I guess they all had better sense than us.

But oh, my, this type of weather sure brings childhood to mind.  I almost always had these little cheap snow boots...and they almost always had a leak.   So, mom always saved the plastic bags that bread came in...I would put my stocking feett in  them and then put my boots on and I was good to go.  Most of the time I went by myself...with the companionship of whatever dogs we had at the time.

It was a whole new world to explore...even though I was as familiar with the land as my own hand almost, everything seemed new and improved.  And there was the snow to eat...when I was a youth, I would have been taking bites of snow from any object heavy laden with it.  And I admit, I did take a bite of snow yesterday...but I don't make a habit of it any more.

There just is nothing more magical than a whole new world covered in snow.  And even though I am ready for spring, I really have enjoyed this winter wonderland.