Saturday, April 18, 2020


I got the binding sewn to the quilt....all that is left is to flip it to the back and hand stitch it down.  I would actually be pretty easy to stitch it by machine. but I will enjoy the hand stitching.


We actually went for a drive this afternoon...headed up to one of my favorite places...what we call the swampy area.  There were Wood Ducks and Canada Geese, and I saw a Great Blue Heron in the distance.

When we first got there, there were half a dozen of the Wood Ducks right beside the road.  But the minute I slowed down and rolled down my window, they flew away.  This guy was too far away to hold steady on.  But you can at least see that he is a Wood Duck.

I saw three pairs of Canada Geese and heard more....

It was so nice to be out and see a some nature.  I did not see a single turtle...I don't know when I will start seeing them again.  I saw 5 or 6 of them I seen on our way there, and I think I saw the same one on the way home.

And I spotted two more Bald Eagle nests...the one I could not see anything on, but this one had one on the nest.  Both nests today are where I have room to pull off the road and look.  The only thing with this one, I didn't have much room to look without a bunch of bushes obstructing my view.  And it was so far away, I could not really tell that that stem is in front of it till I downloaded the pics.  There will be a slightly better view later on my other blog later tonight.   I also saw two Bald Eagles in flight.

All in all this has been a good day...I really needed some time out and seeing something different for a change.

When we had been home a while, Lorelei sent me the above pic.  When she was around 2 and 3 yrs. old, this little Chick went everywhere with her!  And heaven forbid that it be forgotten.

I cannot see it/think of it without laughing.  It also went to bed with her.  She would come here to spend the night, and of course the chick went to bed with us.  Well, she would play with it, and sometimes actually hide it, other times she would lose it. And she would have me up at all hours looking for that Chick!  Sometimes it would get between the layers of the cover, other times she would have slid it down between the bed and the wall.    It is funny now, but it was not funny being woken at 3:00 a.m. with an upset toddler...and having to find this little thing.  It would fit on my hand...there were times I had to take the cover off to fine it.  Now it is just a fun memory.
I hope your weekend is good...