Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Where do I go when I have a few minutes???

Yes, I go to the strip pits. It isn't far so I don't waste much gas, there is usually something interesting to see, and I don't see many people. And besides, it promised to be a beautiful sunset.
Please enlarge for best viewing.
Tonight when I first got there I seen a Northern Harrier, actually in a tree. I tried to ease up to it, but it flew to the next tree, and then away. It is so unusual to see one in a tree...especially for more than a few seconds. Most times, I see them land in the grass, and that is where they have their nests. If there is an abundant food supply, one male may have 4 or 5 mates. The females stay on the nests and he supplies their food. I think the reason he was staying in the tree had something to do with it being almost dark.
I seen so many of these fellas--the short-eared owls. I saw three or four of these in the air at one time. I cannot remember how many different birds these actually are, but it is for sure more than one bird.
Look at that face!!!! But doesn't the overall appearance make you think of a plane coming in for a landing.
These owls fly close to the ground, just like the Northern Harrier. (Note to myself: I need to check and see what their breeding habits are.)
Though I probably took at least a dozen and a half pictures of three or four owls perching on post, and one in a tree, but the one below is the best picture so far.
Tomorrow I get to go see Lorelei. I wonder if I will be able to tell she is growing...it has been a week and a day since I have seen her...the longest I have went without seeing her.. We were planning on going over the weekend, but Roger had the flu bug hit him so we stayed home.

BTW, I hope I haven't confused you with my music...after giving the award to John at John's Photoblog, talking about why I first kept going to his blog was the music I had on earlier...I just had to listen to it a few times and I put it on here.

Then I thought of Brooke White....does anyone besides me watch American Idol? I actually have only watched it the past couple of years...last year was the first time I seen it from beginning to end. Right away I fell in love with Brooke White. She didn't win...in fact I cannot remember quite how far she got. I had thought to google her a while back and seen she had an album. And while I liked them, I didn't just LOVE any of them.

Imagine my surprise when she appeared on Idol last week and sang the song that I have playing on here. It is a single that is on Itunes...and I just love it! So listen and enjoy--don't you just love her!