Thursday, March 17, 2011

Five years ago today

Sometimes when I haven't had time to get any new pics--and heaven forbid I do a post without pics unless absolutely necessary--anyway, I try going back to the same date in years back. So far, other than Lorelei's birthday there has been nothing I wanted to show. I lucked out today and found this baby quilt that I was just finishing for a neighbor's first granddaughter.
The back of it is pieced...among some of us quilters we call it back art. I love having something out of the ordinary for the back. It is an added little surprise.

I am almost positive this quilt was 60 inches long, give or take an inch or two. And I know it was between 40 and 45 inches wide. It is all machine quilted and pieced and was probably the last quilt I quilted on my Pfaff before I got my Juki. And even though it was baby quilt size, I struggled with quilting it. Now, with my Juki 98Q, I think nothing of one 90 inches square.
I should have mentioned last night that Lorelei and family lives not that terrible far from the Indianapolis International Airport, so she sees lots of planes, down low. I don't know if that is what has got her so intrigued with them or if she would have found them fascinating anyway.

And I wanted to let everyone know that Roger is on the mend...I suppose it is going to take a while for it all to disappear and to completely stop itching. His swelling is down, also. So things are definitely looking up.

It has been a gorgeous day here, and I did hang out a couple loads of clothes. I will be going to bed on sheets that have hung all day in the wind and sunshine...

Other than that we got a new computer, and I spent the afternoon getting the old one taken down and the new one hooked up...I only made one phone call to my brother...with what else but a dumb, dumb question. And I scared myself a time or two after that. With those, I think it was more a thing of just being really tired and not thinking straight, and they were more like a little pause before I saw what I where I was wrong.

Needing laughter

After today, I needed to lighten up a little so I turned to you tube...this scene from Taxi never fails to make me laugh till I cry. I hope you like it as much as I do...
Have I told you how much Lorelei loves airplanes? She gets so excited if she even hears one...and if she is outside she yells airplane, Mommy or airplane mama and spreads her wings and takes off circling the yard.