Monday, February 21, 2011

Look what we saw!!!!

We were out and about yesterday, hoping to see something. I was mainly hoping to see eagles....and maybe deer and turkeys. I 'may' have seen an fact am almost positive I did. But we were driving too fast and it was just there and gone, so I am not positive.

But look what we did see--Sandhill Cranes! These we only saw in flight...but I could hear them. They are so vocal! You can look here and here to see other posts with better pictures. Or go here to read about their life is interesting.
I wonder if they were looking for a place to rest, or were they just headed north...I have no idea how they do when heading back to their nesting grounds. I hope we can make it back to Jasper Pulaski a little later on...I just never tire of seeing them.
We had another almost sleepless night the other night and I have just been out of sync the past couple of days. This time, it was basically cause we were having such nice weather and I was hyper...I could have stayed up all night. Every so often, I do have a night where I just stay up all night...usually I sew. This time we both read, and reading will help me settle down. We went to bed at 5:00 and I got up at 9:00, so hopefully no more nights like that.

It is doing nothing but rain here today...everything is so saturated. The Wabash River was almost out of its banks yesterday, so bet that it will be flooded after this day is through. Every time it floods, I think of George Rogers Clark and his men crossing it during flooding, on their way to battle....when they went to take back Kaskaskia from the British. They had to be men of iron will.

Anyway, of all days, I have laundry to do...I had much rather hang it outside but it is supposed to turn back chilly and even chance of light snow tonight. So, I will just dry them in the dryer and be done with it.

As I sit here, I hear Puss Puss crying in the basement....that is a sign she is looking for something, or in the process of carrying something up here. Usually something of Roger's. She has really been in that mood lately. I told in an earlier post about the plastic tubing, and the pipe cleaner...well, a few days later, she kept bringing this little plastic bag was something that belonged to Roger but I don't know what it was. I know she brought it up at least three times....then the other night she brought up this whole bag of cleaning patches. It is little squares of cloth he uses to clean rifle bores. Only, with them, since the bag was bigger, there was a whole trail left behind her when she brought them up.

There is never a dull moment when you have cats...