Thursday, April 7, 2011

Not my usual roadside shot....

I made it back by this place yesterday evening...I had passed it a couple weeks ago and could not get a decent shot. It is located where it is not very convenient to stop....and there were several cars. And even yesterday on first going by, there was too much traffic but on my way home I wound my way back by and got a couple of hurried pics.
These are not the best...the only little, little lamb I captured is in that black one in the last pic....but on farther in a corner were these little, woolly bundles....just so little. I have never been around sheep, but I think I would really enjoy them. I just love to hear their little bleating calls.

It has been another nice day here...with the clouds gathering a few times but dispersing for the sun to shine again. Now, I think they have returned to stay. We are supposed to be getting rain over the next few days. I am not sure about the percentage of chances but I do know thunderstorms are predicted over the next several days. Hopefully I won't complain too much.

Does anyone besides us watch American Idol? Is is one of the few shows we like to watch...and some years are not as good as others. Read that as some years I really, really get into it and others I just watch it cause it is better than anything else. Well, this year, in my opinion, they have a group of really talented contestants...there is only one I really don't like but I won't say his name. And there is a girl I am not crazy about, but it is more her personality than her singing ability.

Anyway, it is one year, that is sort of hard to choose who I want to win. I think this makes the fourth season we have watched it...I think I know who I want to win though I sort of waver between a couple of them, but if he don't so long as the one guy does not win I won't be mad.