Thursday, July 21, 2011


Over on Time Stand Still, I posted a picture taken the morning we headed to is one taken on the way home. One of these days we want to go back up there...but that is not the point of the post.

The rain just looks so the temperature finally went up to over a 104º...I don't remember if it was 104.2 or 104.6º, but people that is hot. I sat out in the swing for about 20 minutes this evening and the swing frame was hot to touch and it is in the shade all day. Needless to say...rain sounds good right now.
A while back it crossed my mind that in Tennessee we could hear the rain any of you know what I am talking about. It has something to do with being in the could look back towards the mountain and tell it was raining and you could also hear it...even though it was mile or more away. I guess the sound sort of echoed....or else it is sort of how you can cup your hand behind your ear and hear better...the mountains was wrapped around the rain and the sound was amplified.

I do get tired of rain when it rains and rains and rains, but as a general rule, I love rain. I loved it as a kid...if someone was available to play with, we would head to the barn to do something. We could always find something to do there. Whether it was swings, play with a calf, play in the hay if there was any--which we were definitely NOT supposed to do...but we did anyway. And it wasn't that we did these only when it rained...

I can remember my niece and I swinging on swings and trying to kick our flip flops high enough to hit the roof....and I can remember us taking grass string and looping it together to make a long line of it, and running it through a crack in the floor of the loft. We would tie the end up there to something to keep it from falling on through....and then on the end hanging down below, we would tie an empty bleach jug or whatever kind of plastic jug we could find but I do believe it was usually a bleach jug....then we would take a baccerstick tobacco stick and bat it back and forth to each other.

But we would hit it as hard as we could...and sometime strike it more in a downward motion which made it jump all crazy. Laughter rang out with each hit....and now I am not even sure why it was so funny. I just remember laughing till we cried sometimes...

If no one was available, and sometimes even if there was, there was always a book calling my name. Sometimes I sat on the porch and read, and sometimes headed to the barn and read. At one time we had an old mattress up there...where it came from is more than I know. And I don't know what ever happened to it.

But my niece and I had it out across a couple of the tier poles we used to hang tobacco on...we would get out on it and read.

I guess this and some of the other childhood posts explains why I love barns so much.