Monday, December 17, 2012

A crow filled sky....

We were coming home late one evening through the edge of Terre was dark enough till everyone had their lights on....but just light enough for me to notice the crows. 
It was darker than these appear to be...I cannot remember if I photoshopped them to lighten them up or not.  It was so dark I had no idea if I was in focus or not.
I had seen the crows along the Wabash in Terre Haute, but had not been at this part of town at the right time of evening to see them before.  These photos do not even do justice to how many there were.  And, believe it or not, this area is nothing compared to how it used to be along the Wabash which is on the west side of Terre Haute.  I don't know if they still gather there or if this is their new roosting place.

If you click on these, it will expand a little bit.
I have had things going on the past week...had to make a run to Sarah's, helped my friend pick out a computer and try to teach her how to use it since it is Win 8....uninstalled one thing and installed another.   And, I have been quilting on Roger's quilt...the quilting is almost done.  IF I would just get busy, I could finish it.

I have also been doing a little Christmas shopping....and took a chance and wrapped some presents tonight...
Oh, a while back for my birthday, Sarah had gotten me this 1000 piece puzzle as part of my birthday.  I brought it home and started to work it that night.  I have no idea what had happened to it.  The pieces that were supposed to go together almost had to be forced.  Some had to fit together a certain way...much to hard to explain.  Just so weird.  And after I had the cardinal part of the picture worked, it would not lay flat.

So, I looked up the company who made it, and emailed them an email...I told them she had not ordered it from their sight, but I just wanted to inform them about it. I told them all that was wrong.  Didn't know what to expect, but within a day or two someone emailed me and told me to send UPC code from the box, some numbers from the bottom of the box, and my name and address, and pieces to show what was wrong.  That was the around the 7th or 8th of Nov....and this past Saturday my new puzzle came.

It does pay to complain...I am just dying to get the puzzle out and start it but won't right now.  When I start a puzzle, I cannot leave it alone....and will work on it every spare minute.