Thursday, January 22, 2015

This & that....

1.   This came in the mail just a couple days ago!  Remember I did that post a few days ago about the calendars with the sunrise, sunset times, moonrise, and the signs of the moon.  I had no more than posted it till I got a note from Theresa at the Run Around Ranch..she said she would send me one, but that she would wait till she was back in town to mail it.  Well, it came a couple days ago.  I cannot tell you how much I love having all that data available to me without getting on line...all I have to do is to glance at this calendar.  Just had to thank Thersa one more itme.

2.  I could not resist starting another is all kinds of 'ladybugs.'  I don't see one really ladybug pictured.  I love the bright, cheerful colors.
3.  Being that I pin basted Lorelei's quilt yesterday, the design wall was bare.  This little item is only approximate 22 inches square...that is a guess.  But I put it up cause I could not stand to look in there and see nothing on the wall.
4.  This is a Christmas ornament my older daughter got me...this does not show it good.  There is a hole in the bottom to put a little light up through and it is just so cute.

5.  I think you could certify that I am nuts...I am so tired of working with the same old scraps that I wish I had some new ones!  Just to have something new to add into the mix.

I am linking to Willy Nilly Friday 5....I hope you will join with your own willy-nilly thoughts and pictures.

I forgot these

When they come in for a landing, we always say 'Parachute!  Check!"  To see better photos of them coming in for a landing, check out this post.
Heading out....
Again, it happened...just all of a sudden they decided to leave.  It was if they were waiting at a stop light the the bell rang to let them go.  They ALL took off.
A bit more decluttering today.  And I got Lorelei's quilt top layered with the backing and pin basted.  I ordered two or three different threads to see which one I like best.  I ordered it over a week ago.  They did not have one so they had to wait to send the order.  (They did call to see what I wanted to do...ship what they have, and do a second shipment, or wait and ship all together.)