Monday, August 13, 2012

Notes on Lorelei's visit

We had Lorelei for three nights....I don't know where to begin the Lorelei Tales.

First, she is so anxious to get here...we meet her mom at a half-way point and pick Lorelei up there. That way it is not a hard drive on either of us. It is still a 40 mile trip home. All the way home, in between her songs and comments, she asks every little bit if we are to our neighborhood. Her mom had forgotten to pack her swimsuit and I said something to Roger about us stopping and seeing if Super Walmart had any left. No, Mamaw, I just want to go to your we just came on home. (I let her wear a pair of her undies and a t-shirt to get in her wading pool.)

The first thing she does when she get out of the car is run over to see the flowerbed, and exclaiming about how pretty everything is and telling us to look at this and that. And she wants to know if she can have a flower, so I tell her yes, but to let Papaw cut it. So that is done, and we put it in water, and at first she takes it everywhere she goes...

The first night she was here, I found this video on Netflix that contained Rudolph, the Red-nosed Reindeer. She wanted to watch is a ritual to watch a movie/cartoon before she goes to bed. So we sit and watch it...besides the Rudolph cartoon, there are several other Christmas ones, with the last one being a combination of animation with real people reciting Twas the Night Before Christmas....

At the end Santa comes down the chimney...well, that starts her worrying about Santa coming here. I told her not to worry, he will come to her house and she has a fireplace. But no, she wants him to come to our house...she was so concerned about it. As we were headed to brush her teeth and to go to bed...she told Papaw 'After we go to bed, you follow the lines and cut a hole for Santa...and make it level.' By lines we think she was thinking about the mortar between bricks...and as she said the word level she made a motion with her hand to explain what she meant.

I know I am forgetting things, but the one thing we have laughed about so much besides the hole for Santa, is Friday night I was in my chair and she was sitting on the arm, snacking with me. Her Papaw had been busy, and came in and sat down in his chair. She says something along the lines of 'Papaw, while you are resting, scratch my toes." He told her no, scratch your own toes. She stretched out her foot towards him and said, "But Papaw, they're right there!" (Have you noticed she keeps him pretty busy?)

Also, while she is here, I don't know if we had to let the cats in or out a single time, except while she is sleeping. She opens the doors for them the minute she sees one wanting in or out.

These are some of the highlights. The time with her is precious...she still didn't want to go home...then on the way to meet Sarah, she told me over and over she wanted us to take her to her house, 'And Just Stay.' I always dread leaving her...but the minute she sees her mommy she is fine with it. And she be thrilled to see her dad when she gets home...
We keep getting a little bit more rain...not any big amount but every little bit helps. And it has cooled down a lot. In the 80's at the hottest part of the day. I suppose it will warm back up more than than that before the summer is over, but hopefully the 100 degree days are done.