Sunday, November 2, 2008

If it is like this now....

I can't help but wonder how much longer we will have this kind of color. The first two photos are north and west of me one block. I have been seeing them for quite a while now.
It was a little late in the evening when I finally decided to try to capture the color. I am hoping I get back there tomorrow at a better time, though I do like these. But it is just hard for me to capture how glorious the trees are. They almost seem to glow from within.
But I look at them, and the other trees and notice how many more leaves are on the ground and I can't help but wonder how far off scenes like the ones below are. At least I am hoping for at least one good snow.
Though I hate being cold, I am not sure I could ever live where it didn't snow. I love getting out when it snows better than almost anything. Oh, I don't like having an appointment that I have to keep, don't especially like to go shopping then. But I don't like general shopping at any time. However, I do love to get out and ramble around on the back roads at a slow pace.
I have always loved getting out in the snow. When I was a kid, I couldn't wait to get out. I loved going sledding...and no store bought sled for us. I can remember my brothers building sleds out of just whatever lumber they could find. If Neal sees this, maybe he can give more detail...I just remember them being heavy.

I can also remember the brother that is between Neal and I in age--he and I got some old car hood and used it. Talk about heavy! I think it came from a car that had been left on some property of ours, but not real sure. We had several places where we went sledding, and it is a wonder to God that we didn't get killed at a couple of the places. Especially this brother I am talking about being between Neal and I in age...he had no fear of anything and still doesn't.

And if I didn't go sledding, I loved taking the dogs and just taking off. I guess people today would call it hiking. But we didn't especially follow a path...I liked trying to track rabbits. Not to kill them or anything, just to try to find them and watch the dogs chase them. I never can keep it straight which way they are going...whether the wide apart tracks are the ones in front or behind. I guess I should look that up when I get off here. Now I call what we did rambling around, but back then I just called it 'going to play,' but I did until the day I moved to Indiana...and that was in 1975. I had my twentieth birthday that year.

Those dogs are long gone, and though I could still ramble on a big part of the land, there is quite a bit of it owned by people I don't know. And though my two brothers that still live in TN does know them, it is not quite the same...I would not feel free to do as we did as kids. Neal and I both talk about how we would love to be home one more time when it snows. But I am not sure it is ever going to happen.