Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Time is passing...

 I thought I would start out with a little surprise that I had.  Back around Thanksgiving..Joy a quilting friend wanted my address.  She was sending me a box of scraps!

Well, there couldn't be anything better.  It is kind of like I tell my neighbors that bring me a rock from wherever they travel...they could not spend a $100 and get me anything I liked better.    Well, I feel the same about scraps.  I just love messing with them.

I don't guess you can see in the above photo, but it is a priority box crammed so full you couldn't have put even a thimble in it.  Just crammed full of scraps and goodies.

I just absolutely love the above piece of fabric.  You should click on the photo to see it in a bigger version.  Best of all right click, and click to view in a new tab.  I don't know if I will ever cut is just so gorgeous.

This is just a sample of what was in it...wish I had taken some more photos.  I can't take more now cause they are now at my daughter's house.   But believe me there were a lot.  


A fun thing I will try to post next time is that while going through things to make decisions about what to keep and what to get rid of, I came to some stuff from my mom/childhood.  In it I found scraps of fabric from dresses made for me during school.  I will show them next time if I remember....and can find them.  


I am leaving you with a couple little would never guess that I like horses.

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Finish amidst the chaos....

 This is my one and only finish in the past few months....and I have done very little sewing otherwise.

Normally I wash a quilt first thing when it is finished.  This has been finished over a month and I just yesterday washed it.  I must say I like it much better after washing it.

As most of you guess a move is in our future, if nothing happens.  We are moving in with one of our daughters.  So we will be there when things happen.  They will not have to miss a whole day of work if they need to help us...or if Roger ends up in ER again.  She had to have contractors in...they are done.  And the girls have been taking loads of things.  Even dug up some things and transferred over there last fall.

I have gotten rid of so much stuff it is not even funny.  And there is so much more to go through.  My mind is in a whirl.  Which it has been that way for a while now anyway.  I used to read at least one book a week, and more than likely two or three.  Now, it takes me a month...for various reasons.  And I do read more in the summer when I can go outside and sit.

More has happened with Roger...I won't bore you with too much of it though.  He fell flat out on his face Feb 3...ended up with a black eye, and I am pretty sure a cracked or broken rib...and skinned a place on his arm that I am still taking care of.  He has only been out of the house twice since then, and that because I wanted the dr. to look at his arm.

I will hush for now...don't know if I will be posting again for a while, but thought I would do a little update.