Monday, November 4, 2019

How sweet is he???

At some point almost every day, this guy snuggles in my lap...and sometimes two or three times a day if I set down.  He spends a lot of time outside, and comes to meet us when we come home.  He will walk in front of us and flop down on the sidewalk and squirms around.  He wants us to play with him.  If we walk around him and go on, he jumps up and runs back in front of us and does it again.

When I am outside doing something, he is usually not far away.  As long as I don't have something that makes a lot of noise.   If I sit down to take a break, all I have to do is say his name or pat my leg and here he comes.

The past year or two, he has started getting in behind the curtain like above.  I would love to know what goes through his mind.   We used to play hide and go seek.  I would run and there is a certain way/beat I pat my legs and call his name and it is Game ON.  Then I remain quiet and let him come hunt me....I jump out and scare him.  He is a jumpy cat...he is so easy to scare.  Anyway, I scare him and he takes off and I run to tag him.
I raked a few leaves this afternoon...did a load of laundry... a tiny bit of housework...just this and that.  But felt good to accomplish a little.  Leftover chili for our evening meal.  Roger was even content with it.  I don't mind soup at any time but Roger is not crazy about soup in warmer weather.

This is my current read...O Rugged Land of Gold by Martha Martin.   I saw it as a movie years ago and when it told it was based on this book I looked at the library and believe it or not, they had an old copy of it.  It was hard backed and well worn.  And I read it probably a couple times over the years.   And I told a blog friend about it as well as some of my other favorites.  So in talking to her, I decided I wanted to read it again, so I just ordered my own copy.  And it is as good as I remembered it.