Friday, June 26, 2015

The day from a cool house

Don't you just love the way people use an old chair to hold a planter?  This one was by the fence shown here.
It is total pleasure to sit in my cool house and do absolutely nothing.  And to have the windows shut and not feel like anyone passing by can hear everything being said.  Or hear our makes me wonder what life was like in a town before everyone had air conditioning.  I grew up on a farm and the nearest neighbor was at the other end of our garden...

It has been overcast here the entire day.  I really have did almost nothing today.  I had been sitting in my chair and decided to get up and go do a load of laundry.  About that time, Bubbie came and jumped up in my lap.  We took a nap together!

Then when I got up, the band statement had come, so I sat and balanced the checkbook.  Most people I know do not balance theirs....they just look to see if there are any charges they don't recognize.  I really wish I could do that, but old habits die hard.  Anyway, that is done again...seems like every time I turn around it is that time of month.

I hate to think it, but the days are getting shorter now.  Do you find that the older you get the more you feel like time flies?  I for sure remember my mom saying that time and again, and how true it seems to me.