Sunday, March 26, 2017

Just a little post...

I finally have some daffodils...spring is officially on its way.

We had temps around 70ºF the past couple of days.  Wouldn't you know I would have a cold/sore throat and did not feel like doing much of anything. I don't actually feel bad now, not as I did for two or three days, but I do run out of energy fairly quick.  There is so much to do that we did not get done last fall--it is almost overwhelming to think of it all. I dare not dwell on them too much...just bide my time and start doing them when the weather gets till it is dependable and we are not just going from day to day wondering what it is going to be doing.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Waiting on warm weather...

I am still anxiously awaiting spring and dependable warm weather.  It is supposed to get up in the 60's today, but I am of the sort to believe it when I see it.

Last week it was the was cool in temps, but the wind just froze a person.  There were two or three evenings I just could not get warm.
Do you guys remember when women always had flowers, and usually each summer their porch had a bunch that were moved out of the house for the summer months. And the women were always willing to give you a start from theirs.  At one time I had a Swedish Ivy plant...that started from a leaf sprouted in water that a friend gave to me.

I have had the Wondering Jew plant at different times...always started from a piece given to me and stuck in water till roots appear, then planted.  My mom always had at least one pot and sometimes a couple.  She would hang it from a hook in the ceiling...and it would grow almost all the way to the floor.

At one time I had this plant...I do not know what it was called.  It was slick, shiny thick dark green leaves...and all along the edge of the leaves little baby plants would start.  If they dropped off into the soil, they would take root and grow.  I don't know recall for sure who gave it to me, but I think my mom's best friend...but I loved it and would love to know what it is called.  I am thinking Lorelei would find it fascinating.  I have googled but not seen one yet that looks quite like it.

In my yard now I have a big bed of creamy white irises that are a result of a neighbor giving me some of her bulbs at least 30 years ago.  The neighbor no longer lives there but every time my irises bloom I think of her. 

Do you have any flowers that were given to you as a start from friend?  And what are they/how long have you had them.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

For Thankful Thursday

I know it is Wednesday but while I am thinking about it, I am going to post what I am thankful for this week.  I am so thankful Lorelei got to spend the night last night.  It has been a while since she had got to spend the night so was wonderful to have her here.

She was on a roll last night...she had one poem and for the life of me I cannot remember half the lines but last night I could say it right along with her.  I asked if she had had to memorize, no teacher made her.  She said she went back to it and read...5 times...and it was stuck in her head. 

Anyway, I take it as sign she is going to like poetry...and she was trying to come up with some poetry of her on as we went to sleep.

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Monday, March 13, 2017

I haven't told her...

I have not told Lorelei that the local farm stores have their chicks...she wants one so bad every time she sees them.  I know we will end up taking her to see them if we get to keep her for spring break though so am only putting it off...I am hoping by then we will be having warm weather. 

Right now it is snowing and the ground is white.  And it is cold.  I don't know if we will be going to Terre Haute for Roger's shot.  It is funny how our perspective of things change as we get older and when we have serious health issues happen.  Before, we would not have let a little skim of snow slow us down, nor even a mess of snow if I wanted to go take pics.  But now, I just want to avoid anything that could be the least bit dangerous.  
Do you ever get to thinking about the funny things that your kids or grandkids do or say that can always make you laugh.  Actually I have Lorelei and her cousin Jackson that can always bring a smile to my face...

One from Lorelei is that one day a few years ago I walked in to find her scribbling on the back of a dining room chair with a crayon.  I said "Lorelei, please don't mark on Mamaw's furniture."  Her reply was, "I'm not, this is mine...see, it says so right there!" and she pointed to where she had been scribbling.  Implying that it had her name on it.

Now from her cousin Jackson, the one that always pops in my mind is when he was young, maybe along about 2-3 years old and his grandma was still working, he had to call her and talk to her.  He got to telling her who he loved..."I love Mommy....I love Daddy...I love Papaw....and"....and I am sure we would all expect him to say and I LOVE YOu....but instead he says, "And I love Bacon!"  He was saying it to tease...which makes it all the more funny.

Okay, your turn...tell a funny story from your kids or grandkids in the comment...I would love to hear them!

Friday, March 10, 2017

I decided the easiest random 5 thing I could do was find five of my favorite shots.






And some of you have probably never seen these...of when Lorele was a baby and Otto was a much younger dog.   They were taken 7 years ago and still make me grin from ear to ear.  The video quality is not that good, but you still can hear the laughter.

That makes up my Willy Nilly Friday 5 post....I hope you enjoyed it....

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Going crazy and enjoying every minute of it!!!

This photo was taken across a field, towards the sun...up about the middle of the day...even though it is not very good, I sort of like it.
 I cannot do anything right this morn...thought I must be crazy...I accidentally posted my photo for Time Stand still here first.

Then in trying to quickly do this Thankful Thursday post, I hit publish without meaning too...I am sure it will confuse people...

I am thankful to have a new old Windows computer was always hanging up and freezing, and just ran so loud it drove me nuts.

With that being said, I am fixing sloppy joes in one pan and taco meat in another and I best get back to that.

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A repeat

I am running behind, so just going to post this...a repeat from East Tennessee....hopefully tonight I will get everyone visited.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Do any of you remember Cher/Believe?  Did you like it?  I liked it just fine...the way she done it.

But how about the following version as done by Taylor Alexander on The Voice...

I so love this...

There has been so much talent on The Voice so far, but of all the songs done, this is my favorite.  I think sometimes it is the place in life that you are at, and what is happening.  Good songs/music always makes me cry and now I have to try to hide it cause it stresses Roger.

If you didn't like that, how about Oh, Girl by Josh Hoyer?

I really liked it, too.  This guy has an awesome voice.  But then, they all do...I just remember really liking this song all those years ago when it was done by the Chi-Lites...

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful that another storm of life has passed and we have survived.  Roger is still feeling better.

I am thankful we had no damage from the wind and storm of Tuesday night and yesterday.

I so love Psalm 139 and am so thankful for it....if I am troubled and read it, it gives me great comfort.   

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