Thursday, June 19, 2014

Quilt top finished.

It took me two or three days to decide what fabric to use...for the inner strip and the border.  then I came across the green and had enough of it to make borders all the way around.  So, finally decided to take MaryBeth's advice and use red for the inner strip. 
Not sure when I am going to quilt it...I am wanting to get something together to quilt though.  But I do not want to buy fabric for the backing.  But I am having a heck of a time deciding what to piece together to use for the backing for any of the quilt tops I have available to quilt.
Tootie and her mom came Friday....her mom went home Sunday afternoon, and Tootie stayed with us and went home yesterday.  All the while wishing they lived next door till she never had to go home.  She has not lost her second tooth.  She lost the first one while we were in California and the other day wiggled the second one out while on the way home from somewhere.

No great events have been is just fun having her around.  Even Puss Puss is beginning to accept her.  It thrilled Lorelei to death when Puss Puss came and got in the bed with us the other night.  Puss even walked up on her and did the pedal-pushing or kneading on her legs.  Then Lo was sitting with me Monday night and Puss jumped up in the chair with her. 

Puss has a real fear of children, and will growl and strike out if pushed at all.  Lorelei has never been mean to her, but some other kids were and she has not forgotten it.  So this is a big step of trust on her part.