Friday, February 1, 2019

Got to share these....

I just have to share a video with is not very long so it won't take up much of your day.

You should have heard Lorelei when she watched this last night...she laughed till she cried.    There was another one she laughed as hard at but it is longer so I won't show both today. Besides, there will be a video over on my Time Stand Still blog, just in case you want to see it.  The link to my blog is over there at the top on the right side bar

Lorelei spent the night again last night, even though she had to go to school today.  She was on a two hour delay.  Shortly after she left, we headed out to breakfast at Hardee's, then to Paris to Walmart.

We pass the strip pit area on the way.  I was going to go on by, planning to not even drive through.  Well, from the highway we can see the BIG strip pit.  And it was covered with birds!  Swans and geese....both White fronted and Canadian Geese.

I am sorry these are not better quality, but I was having trouble holding still.

We had a change in the weather.  I am not sure what the temp got up to today, but as I took the photos above and the video over at my other blog, I only had on a flannel shirt over my regular top.  So that is a huge change.  And sunshine all day long!