Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Yard art at its finest...almost real

If we have passed these once, we have passed them at least a hundred times over the years, probably more if truth be told. They are passed when coming in the back way to Mansfield, Indiana. When coming, you come around the bend and the view above is what you see. Even though I know they are not real, my heart still flutters about half the time thinking just for a second that they are alive.
Then you go on around the curve, and here is what you see. These were just quick snaps cause there is no place to pull off the road and it is curvy right there...so I took what I could get!
I feel like I have been busy all day yet look back and don't feel like I accomplished much at all. I did laundry...I swear there is someone that comes and wears our clothes for us. I am always amazed at the amount of laundry I do. Yet, when I really think about it, I think I only did one load all last week. So, maybe I am not doing as bad as I think I do. The two loads did today did not leave enough to do another load of everything left combined.

I also replaced a pocket in a pair of shorts. Let me tell you, I am glad no one sees the pocket...it is definitely not your finest looking pocket, but the best I could do with the pair of shorts. They were a pair of Roger's old work shorts with an elastic in the waist and I was not about to undo all that sewing when elastic was involved. I did do some ripping, and then cut the pocket off at the top and replaced it.

And while I was down there I cut the sashing for my baby quilt which I have not touched since I posted a pic of the finished blocks sometime last week. Later I went back and almost got the whole thing sewn together. Just a few more long lines of sewing and the top will be almost totally done.

That has about been the sum of my day--tomorrow I am going to Sarah's for a while.