Monday, January 18, 2021

A bit of a catch-up

 First I give you grandpup Rosie...Lorelei's little dog.  She just loves her family so much.  Sarah was trying to do some work from home one evening, and could not get any peace till she made Rosie a bed close to her in the office/craft area.

And below is Copper trying to snuggle with Delta.

I think if I were Delta I would be losing my patience.  But she seldom does.


Roger is still not normal.  He is definitely better than he was for a bit. But wish he could just feel what is normal for him.  


 Their scent was so strong it smelled up the whole house.  I even wondered was it causing Roger's headache..

I finished this puzzle sometime last week.  It took me forever, but there were days I did not even touch it.  But dark greens are the hardest color for me to work.  

It was one of those with the crazy pieces.  Which normally don't bother me.  But on this puzzle I thought I had lost a piece to the very end.  And we won't mention the time I spent looking and looking for one piece, only to find it UNDER an extra lamp I set on the puzzle for extra light.


Can you find the car?  I did find it with relative ease.  But have been looking for another photo where I had to have Lorelei find what I was looking for.  I cannot remember where I seen it.  But it was Simon's Cat running with a bunch of Dalmatians.