Saturday, July 18, 2015

Look at that baby!

This was taken when she was just a baby and we were babysitting her while her mommy worked. It is a joy to watch her grow up.  I am so thankful to live near enough to see her on a regular basis.

The first part/verse of this song make me think of watching her growing has the words if you want to read along with them.  They will be some of our best memories...

I was reading this post  of over at Enjoying Life Wherever We Are and it got me to thinking about prices we remember.  She remembered buying a loaf of bread for 25 cents.  I don't remember that...we seldom bought a loaf of bread.

What I remember is paying 29 cents for a gallon of gas...and I remember there being nickel and dime bags of chips.  And I think there were nickel and dime candy bars.  And I remember when a 16 ounce bottle of Pepsi was a dime.  And the first Barbie doll I remember noticing the price on was $2.97.  We could get a hot dog with no chili sauce for a dime, or pay 15 cents and get it with chili sauce.  And they were sooooo good.

What are the prices you remember that have changed drastically?  We were married in 1976 and I think we usually paid around $0.99 for a pound of hamburger, but I am not sure.  Does anyone remember that price?  I hope everyone has things they remember...