Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'll take the dirt road.....

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The song playing has always been one of my favorite songs...I have included the lyrics below. I got them off the web and the place that had them did not say who wrote them. I hate not being able to tell you who wrote it, and all I ever had was the cassette and it didn't tell.

Anyway, when I talk about going on a drive or rambling round, these are typical of the roads I like to travel a very slow pace. If someone gets behind me I will speed up until I find a place to pull over till they can pass. These are some of the roads my daughter and I traveled over today...a couple were un-intended. We call that 'taking the scenic route' in our house. I have a girlfriend that she and her husband ended up on road with their car and the only others on it were people with 4-wheel drive trucks, etc.

The Dirt Road
Daddy worked hard for his dollar
He said some folks don't, but that's o.k.
They won't know which road to follow
Because an easy street might lead you astray

I'll take the dirt road,
it's all I know
I've been a'walking it for years
It's gone where I need to go
It ain't easy, it ain't supposed to be
So I'll take my time
And life won't pass me by
'Cause it's right there to find, on the dirt road

I have lived life in the fast lane
You gotta watch your back and look both ways
When it's said and done the time we have is borrowed
You better make real sure you're headed the right way

Chorus x2

On the dirt road