Saturday, September 7, 2013

Remember this?

Remember this...this that I was making for a backing for another quilt.  Then Sarah saw it and showed interest.  So, I decided to use it for a quilt top and made a backing for it.  It is now quilted and awaiting the binding.  Hoping I get the binding sewn on today, at least sewn to the front....then will come the joy of sitting and stitching it down to the back by hand.  Even though I am not proud of the quilting, I can't wait to show it to you and show you the back.

It will be alright if you don't say this is pretty...I don't even think it is pretty.  But it is interesting...and it is fun to look and figure out how it all came together.  And the quilting is  nothing to brag about either.  I did loose quilting....oh, closer than the 10 inches apart that warm and white requires...but still really sparse to what I do normally.

I made a big, big pot of vegetable soup yesterday...I make such a pig of myself when I make it.  I grab a bowl of it every time I pass through the kitchen.  I divided what was left into two containers.  I will freeze one, and the other we will have in a couple days.   That will mean I don't have to cook one time, only reheat.
I have slept in the past two mornings and feel like I have wasted half my day.  I am just a person that needs to get up and get going.  How about you?  I really feel better all the way around if I am up and going by 6:30-7:30.  I know others get up earlier than that, but that is a good time frame for me.

But I have been watching you tube videos at night after Roger goes to bed...Friday night I was up till after 3:00 a.m. watching sewing videos.  And had to make myself go to bed then...then last night it was quilting videos....

Speaking of quilting, I think I am heading down in the basement with my latest.  I might even start with the binding.