Friday, July 17, 2015


The first thing when we got home yesterday, Papaw had to get out the 4-wheeler to take her for a ride.  These are some of the faces she was making while waiting.
Can you tell she is happy?
Just a little short ride makes her happy.  They stopped over across the street to visit a neighbor...and their dog Baby.  Baby LOVES kids...when Lorelei was a baby we took her over to see them and Baby trembled with excitement.

Gorgeous spider

An old picture...add to it a bit of HDR effects and get this:
I think it adds just a bit to the about you.  Do you even see the difference?
Tootie came home with us...not sure for how long.  I am dreading school so bad since we won't get to see her or have her much.   She plans to help her Papaw work on the lawn mower today.  Nothing really wrong with it...just general maintenance.  I am wondering does she already know what a crescent wrench is...almost bet she does.  If not, I bet she knows by the end of the day.