Tuesday, October 20, 2015

In a school yard....

This was in the Lima Brighton School's yard...this school is in Howe.  There was no sign to tell anything about it.  We wondered if it came from the original school.
It sure does stand out.
We recently drove through the strip pit area...no birds to speak of but did see a few deer.  These were the first we seen...back in the shade, near a wooded area.
The ones in the above photo, and the two following photos were about a mile away from those in the first photo.
The two deer above did not stand long until they turned and ran back in the bushes...
It took us a while to spot the girl above...the 5 deer in these last 3 photos were all right there close to each other....the two in the first photo were easy to spot, then, we spotted the ones in the next photo.  We were about to leave when I noticed the one in the third photo.