Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mixed bag...

This is basically a mix of this and that....first off, I am sure some are wondering about Bubbie. He is getting around better every day. He is learning to deal with that bulky bandage...still eating and cleaning himself. He pulled out all visible stitches Friday, but the wound did not gap open, he did not bleed any so we were not concerned about that. He is even about to master going to the potty by himself...still needs a little assistance in propping himself up but not much. He does worry me that he does not drink any at all...I have started using an eye-dropper and giving him some with it. And he still shivers. He is scheduled for a check-up tomorrow as is Cougar.
Cougar is doing fine...his abscess was and is not slowing him down any at all. It was just a knot under the skin right beside his spine. When I was putting him in the cat carrier to take out there, it had already gone down so much. I actually feel it is useless to take him back, but will go ahead with it.Now, for a total change of pace, I had meant to include this little tidbit of information on my New Year's post and forgot about it till later. I think I got my digital camera in November of the end of December of 2007 I had only taken 2519 images with the end of this year, it has taken a total of 7,049, (that means I have taken 4,530 photos with it just this year), plus I have taken 196 images with my new camera, and I think it was around 80 images I have taken with the little point and shoot. That is getting up close to 5,000 shots in one year. Thank God for digital..I would never have taken near that many with actual film. I could hardly believe it when I seen the numbers.These pictures were taken January 8, 2005...they have not been converted to black and white but I think they look it. The last image is just a cropped portion of the one above it. I like the way the snow is stacked on the little 'balls' of the sycamore tree.