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Summer quilt....fnished in December of 2019

I call it a summer quilt because it is only the top with a flannel backing.  It is the only quilt I have ever not at least felt like it had some redeeming qualities.  I just do not care for it.  

Quilt for Lachlan...finished Jan 23, 2018

Before and After my fall....

I had this about 3/4 quilted when I fell Feb 12, 2018 and had three breaks in my right leg--ankle--foot area....

I finished the quilting on this using my left foot and I am definitely a right-footed person.  I did wait till I could use my right foot when it came to putting the binding on.

 A Small Quilt for back of chair...

Falling Charms baby quilt

Lorelei's Heart Quilt

Where the Wild Things Live...

It s October 15, 2021 as I type this.  I was looking last night at these quilts and realized I had left out this one so I am adding it now.

I quilted each diagonal row with something different...the following was my favorite experiment.

None of the quilting was fabulous...but it is a quilt made to use so I was just happy to get it quilted.  The photos were taken Sept 26, 2014.

I  am showing two different pics...because the color is off a bit in both.

The top photo is too dark...and the second is just a tad bit lighter than I think it really is...
Now the back is a surprise of course.  I like for the back to come as a surprise. Since this fabric is quilted on the straight of grain, it looks it is the side against the feeddogs.

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  1. Wonderful quilts! They look warm and with an old-timey feel! Great work!


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