Friday, February 12, 2010

She came, she conquered

Bright Eyes was here today...she came around 10:00 and did not leave till about 6:00, or a few minutes later. She did take an hour and a half nap, and she ate, but other than that...she was barely still. Here she was playing with some of her toys and watching something...but she did not stay still long.
She was from one thing to another...first the cats. Except if Bubbie is sleeping, he doesn't pay her any mind so she gets bored. But let Mama Cat or Puss Puss walk through and she is right after them.

If not them, she likes to go in the kitchen...she will walk all around in there, then come to one of us and want to be lifted up till she can see the magnets on the fridge, cat magnets to be specific.

She also stops and plays with my old churn part of the time...when she first discovered it, she could not pass it by but now she just occasionally goes to it. Oh, she also liked to stand and look out the back storm door...especially if there was a cat or Shelby on the other side.

She will now show us her feet if we ask where her feet are, she gives high fives, and today I ask her where her belly button was. She immediately pulled her shirt up and showed me. Well, we have not tried to teach her, but we think she has picked it up from one of her favorite books.

I am going to cut this short...I was just totally wiped out when she left. Tomorrow is her birthday party! So we will be gone a big part of the day.