Saturday, July 19, 2008

More moonlight rambles....

Click any photo to enlarge.
Last night this was the second place I went...the first one did not work out. I wanted something besides a tree in the picture with the moon. I went to a church that had an interesting outline but could not get in a position to get it and the moon. So on down the road is this little graveyard. So we pulled in there and here are some images from then. I like the last one simple because when enlarge you can clearly see an old jet stream.
As a side note, in this cemetery is a big tall headstone. I can't remember if all four sides has a name on it, but I know two sides do. One is someone killed during the Civil War while in Cumberland Gap, TN. Cumberland Gap was my mailing address for a big part of my life...we lived on a farm, though, not in town.
And on another side of this same headstone his brother was killed a couple days later in Tazewell, TN--that is the county seat of Claiborne County. My county. Really made me feel sort of strange to be from the place those two boys were killed at--even if it was over a hundred years ago.