Wednesday, October 2, 2013

September morning sky

Our family picnic that was held on the September 21 was about 3 hours south of us, so we had to rise and shine early and get on the road.  And boy, did we have a pretty sky most of the way!  At first it was to our left, so couldn't really get a good shot...but then when we headed south/southeast, it was a different story.
Is it not glorious!  I wish I had had a wide angle lens to show more of it in the shot. 
Roger had a buddy come over yesterday afternoon...I spent the time in the basement.  I had a load of laundry to do, got into cleaning up some of the mess from my sewing.  Then put new thread and needle on my sewing machine and actually got to sew a few lines.  And I am hoping to get to do more today.