Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Oranges & Sunshine

A bit back, Gill, That British Woman did a book review of Empty Cradles.  I immediately checked our libraries to see if either had the book.  In addition I checked Amazon...somewhere along the way I found there had been a movie made...Oranges & Sunshine.
I put it in our queue....but didn't think to put it to the top of the list till a few days later.  We just finished watching it, and I will say it is one that I will long remember.  Over 100,000 children were deported and sent all the way from the United Kingdom to Australia...some children were told that their moms were dead...and in the movie one mom had went back to get her child...she was told that her child was adopted into in wonderful home, when in fact she grew up in the home. 

The children were worked hard, and suffered abuse, after being promised sunshine every day and oranges to pick.

Margaret Humphreys was a social worker that uncovered the whole mess, and worked to bring families back together.   This was such a well done movie...I still want to read the book but really did enjoy seeing the movie.