Monday, May 17, 2021

Meet LIttle Mother....

 I seldom see her....its has been about a month since I last saw her.  Earlier today, I was outside and happened to look over across the street and there she was.  I said something and she set up and looked so I knew it was her.  And she started to come.  I quick came inside to get some nuts.  When I went back out, she was busy on the ground.  I called and first she would just came across the street to the sidewalk...took a few nuts from my hand and then went back.  I came up and sat on the porch and then she looked like she was interested I called her and here she came.  I went and sat on the picnic bench and she hopped up there...even got on the table behind me and would come almost up and smell my hair, but would not take a nut from my hand up there...but did once from the seat part.

Then she got on the ground right in front of me about 10 inches from my feet and sat and ate several...then took off across the street and up the tree.  I am so in hopes I get to see her more often...but I am going to have to watch about the cats cause Bubbie is highly interested.  And Puss would be too, but she don't go out much.  


The clematis has more blooms and still a lot to open...I love having something to watch open up and bloom.  I have not taken pics of all the irises and I should or some are going to be gone.


I have got to add borders to this and then it will be done.  It went together better than I ever dreamed.  But I did pin a lot so the seams/points would meet like they should.  I finished to this point last week.  today I stopped by the quilt shop to pick up a fabric for the inner border.  I already have what I want for the outer border.


Leaving you with a quick little video..