Sunday, February 28, 2021

Sunday night bits and pieces....

 A bit of Copper cuteness first of rained last night here and I suppose was still raining there this morn.  Shoot, it was probably raining here, but since I had not slept good last night, I was sleeping good till after almost 11:00 a.m.  He did not care a lot for the rain...


When we were over there last, his mom got the stuff to make this with...

This is the same wreath hanging on her door.  I think it sure is pretty...the lighting sure made a difference in how it shows up.  Plus probably the dark door.  


I made a couple little log cabin blocks...these are unfinished at 4 1/2 inches...I made the two before the previous post and have not made another.

I have not worked any more on these.

But I have been working on this...I still have to quilt all the sashings.  Sashings are the strips of fabric between the blocks.  And I have to decide on a fabric to use for the binding.  But the quilt is trimmed and ready for the binding to be sewn on.
I have been trying to declutter more.  I have found a few things that others a few more things to donate.


I came across this somewhere in the past week...I thought it very appropriate...

Hope everyone has a good week ahead.

Monday, February 22, 2021

Slow to post...

 I am sorry to be so slow to do a post good excuse.  Anyway, here goes.

Someone had a birthday earlier this month...can you tell she likes to have fun by the look on her face?  She never takes herself seriously.  We went over and saw her and the girls on Saturday.  It does me a world of good to see her and our girls and Jeremy.


The photos below of Kitty Soft Paws and Rosie are from Lorelei.

Kitty Soft Paws is such a nice kitty.  And one of the most beautiful I have ever seen.  I wish she was not in front of the window but still I like the photo.

And here we have Rosie all snuggled in the couch throws.  

And below you see a photo of Copper, taken by his mom of course.

The eyes say it all!

I have now missed two days of sewing 15 minutes.  No real good excuse.  I think both days I had did  errands, etc...and sometimes that just wears me out.  

I hope you all are having a good start to your week.  We have temps in the 40s, the snow is really melting, and there is sunshine!  What more could a person ask for?

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Economy blocks..

 I am not exactly bored with the hexie/Grandmother's flower garden quilt, but I did want to do something different.    I was running into this block every where I looked so I thought I would make a few.  They can be made any size you want, but I am making these 4 1/2 inches unfinished...which means when actually in a quilt, they will be 4 inches across.  I first thought I would use the bits and pieces of orange to make a square big enough for the center.

I am pulling fabric from the many actual scraps that I have accumulated over the years.  Many of them were other people's scraps..

I am for sure not crazy about my fabric combinations...but these are just an experiment.  And usually by the time you have a bunch of color combinations they all start to look better. 

This afternoon, I decided to try NON-orange centers...

I think I like these better.....LOL  

If I follow through with my plans, I am going to make a small quilt with these to hang up on the wall.  Maybe in the sewing room....maybe somewhere else.

Roger is still dizzy.  Our Nurse Practitoner  thinks he has wax in one ear and tried to flush it out.  I had done been trying that and not having any luck at all.  So she was afraid of hurting she is having me take him to our ENT.  We are supposed to go Tuesday...but wouldn't you know that we are supposed to get between 4 and 7 inches of snow by Monday night.  

In the meantime, she sent him for therapy.  To one that can do the adjustment for the crystals in your ears.  You can read about them HERE...much better than I can ever explain it to you.  I have to look it up.  He went for his evaluation Wed...I did not go back with him which was a big mistake cause he could not tell me if they did the adjustment or not.

Friday went back, but the therapist he had this time had not been trained to do the treatment.  However, she is a sharp little therapist...she has finally got him convinced to use a cane even in the house, and it has helped him so much.  I feel like she is going to really help him, and she did not mind that I came back.  I wanted to see what she had him do, till maybe I could follow through with some of it here.

Here's Copper...

He now weighs 57 lbs.
Not sure how you will feel about this video...the part I want you to listen to begins at about the 1 minute and 55 seconds mark

And below is a bit of sweetness...