Saturday, April 20, 2019

One good day...

Tom brought our lawn mower back this afternoon...he had put Sea-foam in the engine/gas...and had replaced the blade for us.  It started with one pull.

I quick ran and got some fresh gas, though it was full...then changed to old jeans and shoes and started mowing.  Roger came out and would mow a little, then I would take it from him and I would mow a little...and I pulled weeds.  He gets so dizzy if he bends over I hate for him to even attempt to pick up sticks but he just will do things.  He does not like to sit while I work like that. So it felt wonderful to be able to do something.

And our neighbor just would not take any money for the work...barely took enough to pay for the blade.   But how do you pay for time is worth a fortune just cause we know he is completely trustworthy.  If he says he will do something, he will do it.  And honest as the day is long.


My BFF, my sister (she is married to my brother) had told me about these clothespins and I had almost ordered some, and was planning on it while in St. Louis, but was waiting to time it so we would be home about the time they came.  Well, she up and ordered some for me, and they came yesterday!  I love them...they have a good strong grip.  They are pretty, too!

I had planned on getting a load out early today, but it was so overcast the first half of the day, and I swore I felt a drip of rain a few times.  Finally the day started brightening up and I quick threw in this old blanket, and a throw for the couch, and what I call my 'neck towels.'  They are hand towels, but I keep them in my chair and roll them up to fit behind my neck.

The wind was blowing so hard they stood straight out a big percentage of the time and the clothespins kept everything in place.  The towels had a bit of a damp feeling in the ends but both the big blanket and the couch throw were dry within two hours.  I just laid the towels on my drying rack...

This month marked the 15th year since my brother had a brain tumor and had it removed.  He was given 6 months to a year to live...maybe a year and a half if lucky..but I think they stressed the 6 months to a year.  But God had other plans.  He is 10 years older than me, still raises a big garden, still climbs up and trims the trees back when they need it, still traps every winter....stays busy all the time.

So it has been a good week...