Sunday, February 24, 2019

February 24

This has been occupying a lot of my time...below is what it is supposed to look like when finished.

I work on it in minutes here and there.  My back/hip is 'out of order' and I have not been doing much of anything.  I go to the chiropractor tomorrow.  Hoping he can help me without having to go too many times.   I was just walking to take the garbage out and felt my hip twinge week before last.  It has gradually gotten worse...I am taking ibuprofen faithfully.

Though standing and walking really irritates my hip, I did stand and cut a few more of the 6½ squares from the old flannel shirts.  I am trying to make up my mind whether to just sew them randomly or to try to have some sort of order to them.  Whatever I do, it is not going to be a pretty quilt.  I am going for warm, and comfy and one I don't mind if the cats lay on.

That is it for now...I hope you have a wonderful week ahead.