Thursday, April 22, 2021

Who all had snow?

 I meant to publish this yesterday, or last night at the latest but it did not get done.  On the ground, I think the most snow that was there was half an inch or so because it melted as it fell.  But on our Rav4 there was at least an inch.

I have one iris that has been blooming since before the 17th...and it is still just as pretty today, and there is a second bloom.  The first one will be posted over on my other blog later tonight.  

The other day I had to run to Walmart, and took a detour through the strip pits.
I took a back way there, watching all the while for a hawk or an eagle.  Way across a field, I thought I saw a white head.

I swear he was so far, I was not even sure it was an eagle.  All I could see part of the time was what I thought was a white head.  So I got out and zoomed in and took pics.  These are just a portion of the originals....I am always so happy to see an eagle.

I had to snap a pic of the redbud against that blue sky...they are so beautiful this year.

I have been working in our basement a bit off and on...trying to get rid of some of the clutter.  I have a lot of stuff, then add to that Roger's things.  He has a lot of things used in making fishing lures.  I wish I knew someone that did that kind of stuff but I don't know a soul.  None of his buddies do.  He does not mind if I get rid of it...he knows he will not use it again.

His books on making knives and gun-smithing are even harder to get rid of.  I am going to try to think and see if one of our daughters would want them.  If not, I think we have a nephew that might.  I just cannot seem to remember to ask Sarah.   

I even parted with more books...just six of eight.  But that is that many.  And even got rid of some fabric that had been my mom's...I have kept it for years...but it was not 100% cotton and I will never use it so why leave it for the girls to deal with when something happens to us?  But I really need to buckle down and find homes for some things or just donate them to reduce the amount of stuff in our house.

I came across this little video when I stopped to take a break.  Well, just seen this second video and have to share it or else I will forget.  Neither one is very long

 Here you go...all you grands out there have a kleenex handy.