Wednesday, February 20, 2013


The feeding station was busy yesterday....there was a small flock of cowbirds that visited the first half of the day.  Thankfully, they went on their way and left some for the other birds.

They are beautiful in their own way.   But even though there was only about a dozen or maybe 15 of them, they completely monopolized the feeders and the ground underneath.
We had snow off and on all day yesterday, but no accumulation...the ground did not even get covered.  That was sort of amazing with how hard it snowed part of the time. 

It was 12º when I got up this morn...looking for a high of 27ºF.  Not very warm in other words.  It is really brisk out there, even with the sunshine.  At least the days are starting to get longer.

I cleaned my sewing machine yesterday...I always clean out all the lint I can fairly often, and always take the throat plate off to clean out what lint is left before I start a new project.  And I oil the that done and the walking foot put on.

I actually got a little quilting done...should have got a lot more done than I did.  If nothing happens, I hope to get more done this day.