Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Getting ready for spring....

This photo is not the best I got, but the other shows the Amish boy's face, and I won't post it. I am of mixed feelings about this...I know they don't like their photos taken, yet in their shops here, I see them sell stuff that has photos of Amish. I won't get right in their face with the camera either...and have gotten permission to take photos at one of their places. I would have been just as happy with this photo if it had not had the kid in it....
This was going to be a photoless day, but went ahead and uploaded the one above. I really need to go on a good drive to see what I can find. I am about out of things to post, unless I do repeats.

We have been to Wally World as we call Wal-mart. Just to pick up a few items...then we came home and Roger has been moving my clotheslines over. The posts had to be reset, so he moved them over. We had put them up long before we built our garage. When we built the garage, it took my gardening spot, and the only place that was left was under the clothesline. Well actually right beside the clothesline...but we have gradually widened the little strip till one of the lines was actually over the garden.

While he has been doing that, I have gotten a load of stuff together for the Light House Mission. Roger dropped it off when he had to run pick up some concrete mix....but I need to go make some more decisions about what to get rid of. There is just so much stuff crammed into this little house. I am amazed it does not burst at the seams.

I have several year's worth of a couple quilting magazines....I think about getting rid of them, but I hate to. I do look back through them...and more than once a year. Usually a couple times;-) I do not receive any magazines at all now...I figure I can find what I need on line....whether it be inspiration or instructions.

Well, I need to get busy with something...the sun is shining and the wind is blowing. Sunshine does me a world of good...makes me feel like getting into something. a