Saturday, September 21, 2019


I thought I might as well show the progress so far...of my daughter's new project.

As you can see, it is not repeatedly making the same block.  She has a sketch we work from.  We call it our road map.  And she has it marked off in sections.  We will make each sections 3 1/2 times I think.  But that is not like making the same block 12, o 16, or 20 times, etc.

Look at the above...see how the the trees in that square of green--the little trees at the seam matches and lines up with the next green above it.  As if we were matching the design like you do with wallpaper.  We looked over all the rest we have sewn and did not see it happen anywhere else.
Now, to me.

I had stopped working on these, but did make these the other day...I think there is at least one more laying in there that I forgot to add.  They are will be added to the pile of 4-patches below.

I have no idea how many I have made already.  I would like to get back in the mood to get some more made.  And decide how I am going to use them.

Then there are these.  They will be appliqued to a background fabric.

Notice there are no two of the same fabric.  There will be before I am done.  But I still have orange fabrics that I have not used.  If you will expand the view, you can see the edges are turned under by hand basting now.  I want to get back to making more, or else start getting these appliqued on to the background fabric.

Lorelei went back home today...they were going to go to Hobby Lobby.  As they were passing a what I assume was a Halloween display, she asked her mom, "How do you actually die from kicking the bucket?"