Monday, January 25, 2016

Waiting in the background...

I have so much clutter in the back of my mind, no wonder I can't think straight.  I have a dozen of these blocks done...they have been done for years.  I love them...
I have even posted them before.  I was considering how I wanted to piece them together and considering machine quilting the top.  But a lady made a comment about it being a shame do do all that hand stitching and then do machine quilting.  (They are all done by hand...every single stitch.)  But I do think that people who haven't done machine quilting don't give it the credit that it is due.
So, they sit in the basement, along with other things.

There is this quilt top:

Along with that I have enough blocks for two different quilt tops.  Not to mention the tops packed away in the quilt chest that I made before I got my Juki 98Q.

But I don't want to touch any of them right now...just need to get myself focused on daughter's quilt top.  The fabric came Saturday that I needed to finish the top with.  I just need to get down there and start on it.

Instead, I sit here and type...been emailing some friends I have not heard from in a while.  Plus some I hear from regular...but in them all, I type and then reconsider what I have said and delete part of I should probably delete this.  I feel like I need to cut down on words and do more action.